Shin Kamen Rider Finally Gets a U.S. Release Date

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Good news! Shin Kamen Rider, Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno’s radical re-imagining of the legendary Japanese superhero series, is finally making its way to American shores. Bad news: you better be available for one day, because that’s all it’s getting.

Fathom Events has announced that it will theatrically distribute Shin Kamen Rider, which debuted in Japan last month, as a limited screening event across the U.S. on May 31.

The movie follows Takeshi Hongo, played by The Last Samurai’s Sosuke Ikematsu, a young man who awakens to find himself transformed into a cyborg agent of the mysterious organization SHOCKER. Rebelling against his new masters and pledging to destroy them, Hongo becomes Kamen Rider, a superhero capable of taking on SHOCKER’s machinations (mostly by riding cool motorbikes and kicking the crap out of them). It’s Anno’s first solo movie in the “Shin” re-imagining franchise he kicked off with director Shinji Higuchi with Shin Godzilla in 2016, followed by Shin Ultraman last year.

Tickets for the screenings will go on sale May 5.

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