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The iPhone 14 Pro took its place at the very top of Apple’s lineup of new iPhones in late 2022 and is indisputably an outstanding phone.

It’s got power to spare, a superb display and introduces the new Dynamic Island, hugely upgrading how its selfie camera cutout looks and functions compared to the older notched designs.

If you’re a new owner or looking to pick up a 14 Pro, you’ll want a screen protector (and perhaps a case, too) to keep it pristine – after all, this might just be the best iPhone around. Here are our top choices for iPhone 14 Pro screen protectors.


Our choices for the best screen protectors for iPhone 14 Pro in 2023

Spigen iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

1. Best overall

Brilliant protection

This excellent option comes with a really reliable way to fit it to your iPhone, making for fewer wasteful missed applications.


  • Really easy to apply
  • Clear and scratch-resistant
  • Great pricing

Spigen makes really reliably impressive screen protectors across a range of flagship devices, so it’s no surprise to see that its option for the iPhone 14 Pro is so excellent. Tempered glass means you get a scratch-resistant, shiny slate of glass that feels almost like there’s nothing there.

Best of all, it comes with a plastic applicator that makes it way easier to get centred on your phone. This means less worrying about applying the protector wrong, although it also makes for a bulkier package with a bit more waste at the end.

Zagg iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ iPhone 14 Pro screen protector

2. Premium option

Impressive extras

$28 $50 Save $22

If you have a slightly higher budget, this protector from Zagg packs in some nice extra features including blue light filtration, something that will bring quiet benefits.


  • Extra features
  • Well-fitted
  • Blue light filtration

If you’ve ever found yourself looking at your phone with tired eyes, you might want to consider splashing out on a more expensive protector like this one from Zagg. It builds in blue light filtration, without compromising the colour accuracy of your display.

This should help you with eye fatigue, even before you get onto the screen protection and how it’ll help withstand scratches and nicks.

JETech iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


JETech Full Coverage Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

3. Better price

Great budget option

$8 $10 Save $2

If you’re operating at a lower budget and want some backup protectors spare, this package from JETech could be ideal.


  • Really good value
  • Still tempered glass
  • Spares for later

  • More fiddly to apply
  • Slightly harsher edges

Some of us don’t want to break the bank for a screen protector, though, which is fair enough – rather, being able to pick up a pack of three like this for less than a tenner is really attractive.

While you don’t get a fancy applicator and the protector’s edges are slightly harsher, you can’t sniff at the value offered by JETech here, at all. You’ll have two spare protectors for when you do end up damaging your first one, too.

ESR iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


ESR Armorite Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

4. Interesting design

Sleek and subtle

$19 $29 Save $10

This protector has an interesting design compared to most, with rounded hidden edges that can make it really sleek.


  • Rounded edges
  • Much harder to spot
  • No thicker than JETech’s

ESR offers something slightly unique with its protector for the iPhone 14 Pro – rounded, camouflaged edges that blend more naturally into the phone’s small bezels to make for a protector that is far less obvious.

For those who really want to look like they’re relaxed about damage, then, it could be perfect, since it’s harder to spot from any distance. Beyond that, it’s not hugely different to JETech’s for a bit more money, although you do get an applicator.

dbrand iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


dbrand iPhone 14 Pro tempered glass screen protector

5. Sleek protection

A great protector

This excellent screen protector is really impressively designed to fit the entire display of the iPhone 14 Pro, with no gaps or spare room.


  • Excellent fit
  • Great customer service
  • Comes with a spare

  • Slightly challenging to apply

Our final pick goes to one of our favourite brands – dbrand, with its colourful marketing copy and undeniably high-quality designs. The protector is no exception, with really impressive degrees of fit and finish to make it a perfect pairing with the iPhone 14 Pro.

You get two in the pack to make sure you apply it right, which is a bit difficult in the absence of an applicator, but once it’s on the glass is some of the best we’ve tried.

amFilm iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


amFilm OneTouch Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

6. Solid option

Good applicator

$12 $16 Save $4

This great screen protector is reasonably priced and brings its own applicator to the table, with a spare in the pack to boot.


  • Comes with a spare
  • Good clear glass
  • Nice applicator

amFilm is a solid little brand for screen protectors, albeit without the name recognition of some of those we’ve featured further up this list. Its package comes with an applicator that is much like Spigen’s, so alignment shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Like many of the options we’ve laid out, this comes with a second protector in case you break yours or for when it does its job and deflects damage away.

Ailun iPhone 14 Pro screen protector


Ailun Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

7. Value option


A great value pack of protectors that won’t blow you away but will get the job done.


  • Good value
  • Decent glass quality
  • Comes with three

Ailun is another of the smaller brands that produce decent screen protectors for most smartphone models you could care to name, and its iPhone 14 Pro option is as well-priced and generous as you could hope for, with three protectors in the pack.

The application process is a little fiddly without a frame to help, but we managed that way for years before frames started appearing so it’s still very much doable.

JETech privacy screen iPhone 14 Pro


JETech Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

8. Private viewing

Clever feature

A really smart solution for those who worry about their privacy while they use their iPhone out and about.


  • Great for privacy
  • Good glass regardless
  • Well priced

JETech is back with another set of protectors, but these come with a twist in the form of a privacy screen that limits the viewing angles of your phone’s display massively. This means that people sitting next to you or near you can’t easily see what you’re reading or doing, which is ideal for those with sensitive info on their iPhone 14 Pro.

If it’s a work phone you use on the commute or if you just want some privacy, these protectors are a really affordable way to get just that.

What you need to know

Every protector featured on our list would make a worthwhile choice for your iPhone 14 Pro, with the main variables just coming down to how many spares you’d like, and whether you want to have an easier time applying it to your phone.

At the top, we’ve got Spigen’s excellent tempered glass option, which we think is perfect for most people thanks to its easy application and strong protection. However, for those who want to spend a good chunk less, JETech’s three-pack has you covered too.

Spigen iPhone 14 Pro screen protector-1


Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro

Editor’s Choice

Our top pick

Spigen’s protector has our top spot for good reason, with an excellent fit and finish, along with impressively easy application thanks to its well-thought-out applicator.

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