Samsung’s 2023 smart monitors are here, and they’re packed with features

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Samsung makes some of the best desktop monitors out there, and the company has now refreshed its M-series Smart Monitor lineup for 2023. Samsung has announced three new M8, M7, and M5 monitors as a part of its Smart Monitors lineup, and they’re packed with features.

The company says the new monitors are built for both work and play. For those unfamiliar with Samsung’s Smart Monitor series, these monitors look and work just like traditional monitors, but they also come equipped with the Samsung Smart TV platform. This means you can access apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ directly on the monitor as well as take advantage of other smart features.


Samsung M8 Smart Monitor (M80C) is the company’s premier product. This monitor, available in both 27-inch and 32-inch variants, boasts a 4K display that is capable of playing HDR10+ content. It also offers 400 nits of brightness as well as 99% sRGB color gamut coverage. With its slim, ergonomic design (that is quite reminiscent of the iMac), the monitor also features a height-adjustable stand and can also be rotated 90 degrees.

This smart monitor comes with an HDMI port, two USB-A ports, and one USB-C port (65W). The M8 Smart Monitor also comes with a removable magnetic web camera in the box. The camera connects wirelessly and boasts features such as Auto Framing, which keeps the user in the center of the frame when they move, and support for video conferencing apps like Google Meet.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 2023 pbi

Samsung Smart Monitor M8

Samsung M8 is the company’s flagship Smart Monitor. It features a big 4K display with a plethora of ports, including USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI ports. This monitor also comes with the Samsung Smart TV platform, so you can install apps and watch Netflix movies right from your desktop monitor.

Samsung SmartThings Hub is also built right into the monitor, allowing you to control your smart home devices right from your desktop screen. Moreover, this monitor also packs a far-field voice mic allowing you to use Samsung’s own Bixby or Amazon Alexa hands-free. The Samsung M8 monitor starts at $649 for the 27-inch variant and goes up to $699 for the top-end 32-inch version.

The M7 Smart Monitor also packs a 4K 27-inch or 32-inch display, but its brightness is limited to 300 nits, and it is capable of only playing HDR10 content (versus HDR10+ on the M8). But, apart from that, most of the features are the same. It packs the far-field mic for hands-free Alexa, support for a magnetic camera, and the same ergonomic design. The M7 monitor starts at $549 for the 27-inch variant.

Samsung smart monitors my contents feature

The M5 is Samsung’s basic Smart Monitor that offers a 1080p display and up to 250 nits of brightness. While this monitor is also capable of playing HDR 10 content, it lacks support for a USB-C port, so you’ll have to rely on HDMI, and there is no support for voice assistants well. The Samsung M5 Smart Monitor starts at $279 for the 27-inch version and is available in Black / White color options.

While all the new Samsung monitors feature the Smart TV platform, what’s new for the 2023 series is the My Contents feature. Using this feature, whenever your monitor is on standby mode, it connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth LE and shows relevant information such as photos, calendar, weather, and more. The monitors also feature an improved Multi-View mode to use Microsoft 365 and the Browser app in full-screen mode.

On the whole, Samsung’s Smart Monitors for 2023 pack a lot of features at a reasonable price. Since the refresh rate of these monitors is limited to 60Hz, they are no match to the company’s Odyssey lineup, but for those looking for a monitor that can do it all, the M-series ticks all the right boxes. These monitors will become available in the US starting in June.

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