Volvo EX30 spied looking cute with pixel lighting

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The electric Volvo EX30 is due to be revealed on June 7 this year, but one of our spy shooters just caught a camouflaged version of the cute little crossover out testing.

The big get from these shots is a clear view of those epic pixel-like headlights and taillights. It’s clearly going to mimic the EX90 with this design and is an excellent update to the Thor’s Hammer look seen on other Volvos today. The segmented DRLs give it a unique appearance coming down the road, making it stand out from the crowd. We can’t see quite as much of the rear taillights, but teasers take care of what we can’t see. The pixel look will carry on back there, which is great to know.

Beyond these details, seeing the EX30 out on the road gives us a far better look at the proportions than Volvo’s shadowy teasers have provided. It’s adorable! The size and shape of this little SUV already make it look happy and inviting, and we hope that vibe remains when the big wrappings come off. Its rear doors look rather sizable to allow easy ingress and egress given how small of a car it is, which may mean the cargo area is a little compromised. Keep in mind that this will be the smallest electric crossover from Volvo, even more so than the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge. More so than those other Volvos, the EX30 looks like a little hatchback on a small pair of stilts, and that’s hard not to love.

Come back around in June to see the full reveal of the EX30 to learn all about the EV tech and interesting features that we hope Volvo packs into this little package.

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