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A Strawberry Banana Smoothie is the perfect breakfast recipe! 

With just a handful of ingredients, a couple of minutes, and a whirr in the blender, you’ve got yourself a delicious meal on the go!

To make this smoothie even quicker, store the ingredients in individual servings in the freezer along with your favorite add-ins for a quick snack on the go!

Strawberry Banana Smoothies in jars with fruit

Any number of great things can be put into a smoothie from fresh fruit, to juice or even dairy-free milk. Change the variations to make a creation that is not only good for you but tasty too (my kids used to consider them dessert)!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Ingredients

The best thing about a smoothie is that it’s really easy to make your own!

  • Strawberries: I try to use frozen strawberries for a nice thick smoothie. Other types of berries can be added in place.
  • Banana: Bananas add a natural sweetness, I prefer frozen bananas if I have them on hand. As bananas ripen, keep a couple in the freezer for the thickest smoothies.
  • Milk: Cow’s milk, almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk … the sky’s the limit!
  • Yogurt: Greek yogurt or regular work. If you’re using plain Greek yogurt, add a bit of honey or sweetener.
  • Ice: If the fruit is not frozen, add some ice to give it a frosty chill.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie ingredients in a blender

How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

So, easy, the kids can do it, that’s how! This fruit smoothie recipe starts off with fresh or frozen strawberries and bananas. Use frozen banana if you have it for a thicker smoothie.

Add the ingredients to a blender and give it a whirr adding more liquid as needed.


Change up this classic strawberry banana smoothie recipe with the following variations.

  • Add orange juice in place of milk.
  • For a green smoothie, add in a handful of greens and blend with the liquid until smooth before adding the fruit. Try kale or spinach.
  • Try adding different fruit like blueberries, or pineapple.
  • Boost the nutrition with flax seeds, protein powder, or chia seeds.
Strawberry Banana Smoothie in a clear jar with fruit and a straw

The Best Blenders for Smoothies

There is no “wrong” blender for smoothies. You’ll want a blender that has a fairly strong motor and can easily break down ice or frozen fruit. If you make a lot of smoothies or use a blender, it might be worth splurging on a high speed blender (I love this one). I also love the magic bullet for an easy on the go breakfast!

My favorite picks…

More Favorite Smoothies

Don’t stop at this banana strawberry smoothie recipe, try a new flavor every day!

Did you make this Strawberry Banana Smoothie? Leave us a comment and a rating below!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie in glasses with writing
ingredients in a blender to make Strawberry Banana Smoothie with a title
glass of Strawberry Banana Smoothie strawberry and bananas on top and writing
close up of Strawberry Banana Smoothie with a title

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