PSA: Don’t Miss Jedi Survivor’s Very Easy to Miss XP Boosts

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With upwards of 75 Skills to unlock in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, gathering enough experience to comfortably earn enough Skill Points for all the necessary skills needed — such as Split Reflections, Maximizing your Force and Life, and Wrenching Pull — won’t be an easy challenge to accomplish.

Thankfully, if you know where to look, two easy-to-miss Perks can be obtained before the halfway point of the main story. These Perks can be a complete game changer, as they’ll make gaining experience and earning Skill Points much easier. So, here’s everything you need to know:

Wisdom Perk – Best Overall XP Perk

The Wisdom Perk can be obtained from Zee’s Datadisc Decryption Store on the second floor of the Pyloon’s Saloon for five Datadisc – see our comprehensive Koboh Datadisc Guide for all the locations.

When equipped, this handy Perk will help you gain more experience from each enemy you defeat. This is a fantastic middle-ground Perk, as it’ll only set you back 3 Perk slots and will make gaining experience a breeze, especially for those using enemy farming tactics.

Gambler Perk – Risk vs. Reward

  • Gambler Perk
    • Cost: 4 Perk Slots
    • Description: Increase to Experience gained, but you may no longer Restore after death.
    • Prerequisites: Completion of the tenth main mission, Jedha – Locate Brother Armias.

The Gambler Perk can be obtained after completing the Jedha Rumor, Defeat the Sutaban Alpha, which is provided by Sister Taske. To reach the Sutaban Alpha, you’ll first need to obtain the Green Forcefield Dash — which, like other Abilities, is unlocked through the main story — and have solved the Crypt of Uhrma Wall Puzzle.

This perk will grant increased experience for everything that earns you XP, which is quite the increase over Wisdom. Do be warned, though, there is one major shortfall to sporting this Perk: upon death, you will lose all XP you have gained since your last Skill Point, as the option to Restore will be disabled.

Is the Gamber’s Perk worth it? Well, that’s up to you, but with such as considerable risk involved, we’d mostly recommend this perk for general exploration and enemy farming. However, as we’ve mentioned in our Things Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Doesn’t Tell You guide, enemy patrols on the likes of Koboh do ramp up as you progress through the story. So, if you’re venturing outside of Rambler’s Reach, do so carefully to avoid a rather costly mistake.

Since Perks can be simply swapped out at any Meditation Points, alternating between Wisdom and Gambler could definitely be an option.

Five Ways to Earn XP and Take Advantage of the XP Perk Bonuses

Now that you have unlocked the bonus XP Perks, you’re probably wondering how you can take advantage of them. Well, there are five ways to earn XP in Jedi: Survivor, most of which are highly accessible:

Hot Tip: Try farming the Gorocco and nearby Bedlam Raiders that spawn not too far from the Meditation Point at Derelict Dam for some quick XP.

Once you’ve cleared the area, Rest at the Meditation Point, and simply and rinse and repeat.

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